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Hi there, my name is Chrissie Martin. My interests in people and the psyche, health and well-being and the recognition that each of us has something unique to offer has led me on the path of holistic health.

Images and sounds fascinate me with the thoughts, inspirations, feelings and action they invoke. Each of us is a powerhouse of possibilities and I love working with people as they uncover their limitations and discover hidden depths to create lasting positive change.

I bring to you my training and experience of several healing and balancing modalities including Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing with the voice, gong and other beautiful instruments, Reflexology and Reiki. Check out my Eye Pillows too.


As an Advanced Moon Mother, I give Womb Blessings (female energy awakening system) and Womb Healing (female energy balancing) to support women to live in tune with their feminine energy, menstrual cycles, menopause and to celebrate being female. For men there is The Gift (male energy awakening system).

I teach Reiki Healing at First, Second and Third Degree.

The developing and honing of my experiences reading Tarot cards with the guidance of The Hemitage Development Centre has been a delight and superb education.

I am a member of The College of Sound Healing, and have recently become a tutor for the college so will offer the Sound Healer Practitioner course in the near future.

Fully-qualified and insured for all the treatments I offer; all documentation is available to view.

As well as my own private practice, I have volunteered as an holistic therapist at my local hospital's Cancer Care Unit.

I love working one to oneĀ  as well as facilitating groups. See my group gong baths and events page.

I invite you to delve deeper into the pages of Wild Peace to see what is on offer for you.

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