Holistic Therapies

Nourish the soul and heal yourself from within

The mind-body connection has a huge impact on our well-being as does our lifestyle, habits and beliefs. Holistic therapies work by bringing balance into our lives and making us feel good. When we feel good and appreciate ourselves perfectly as we are, then life just seems to flow.

Many holistic therapies are often practised in conjunction with 'conventional' mainstream medicine and my view is that they are good to combine, however please check with your doctor first if you have any concerns. There are some conditions for which a treatment may be unsuitable; your therapy requirements and any contra-indications will be fully discussed before commencing any treatment.

Please be aware that as a holistic therapist I do not treat specific diseases, diagnose conditions, prescribe or adjust medication. However during a treatment I do facilitate a space for you to relax, unwind and de-stress and that in turn enables you to invest in some 'me time' and to promote your own body's healing response.

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