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Womb Blessing & Womb Healing

In March 2014 I attended a Womb Blessing workshop with Miranda Gray, who offers Worldwide Womb Blessings that connect thousands of women from around the planet.

I was initiated into the energy of a Moon Mother. I offer Womb Blessings and Womb Healings to all women past first menarche (first period/menstruation) including women who do not have a physical womb as the energy of the womb is still present.

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Many women have experienced painful and negative experiences of menstruation, this has not been helped by the expectation of managing life in a linear fashion as is the case for men. Unlike men we experience life in a cyclical way and our monthly cycle can open up a whole new perspective of viewing ourselves as women. By accepting and acknowledging our femininity and connecting with our inner Goddess we create the space for healing to begin. Both the womb blessing and womb healing extend an invitation to you to celebrate being female in all its wonderful expressions.

Womb Blessing

is a deep transformational healing that reconnects you to the Divine Feminine. It is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful energy that awakens, heals and energises the female power centres. It heals the patterns of our ancestors and our past, therefore also healing the path ahead for our daughters. Our wombs are the centre of female creativity, growth and power and a blessing brings empowerment, love, beauty and grace. The womb blessing is a transformative experience which initiates deep spiritual change.

Womb Healing

activates the female power centres encouraging healing and the flow of energy. A wonderful way to grow in well being, confidence, self worth and self empowerment. It is a supportive experience that gently awakens and heals all aspects of our femininity. Difficulties in the menstrual cycle can be balanced bringing about a sense of stability. If you no longer have a monthly cycle wholeness can be achieved through womb healing.


To receive a womb blessing and/or healing is a nourishing and beautiful way to embody the Divine Feminine. You may choose to have just a womb blessing or a womb healing or you can have both together. I also run a regular Womb Blessing Circle


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