Moon Mothers at Avebury

At the end of August in Avebury, one of my favourite places, I joined with the growing SiStar-hood of moon mothers in this ancient place of beauty and standing stones to meditate and share in a blessing. I was greeted first by a woman from Czech Republic as I walked toward one of the imposing feminine standing stones in the Avebury South quadrant circle. I had never met her, yet her hug was long, warm and heartfelt, we shared a moment of healing and connection as moon mothers. There were women from Spain, Ireland, Italy, Costa Rica, Barbados and of course good old Blighty to name but a few. Shining our brightness from our hearts and wombs we sat in circle in the rain to send love and acceptance all over the world to our past, present and future generations of Gorgeous, Glorious Goddesses. As the blessing came to an end some women drummed as others joyfully danced in the rain before retreating to the pub for some nourishing food and the sharing of more nourishing hugs.

It was the culmination of week long celebrations and teachings in the New Forest. Women from around the globe who have trained to become ‘Moon Mothers’ with Miranda Gray came together with this beautiful blessing to share the Divine Feminine and her beauty and acceptance into the lives of women worldwide.

Autumn discount for womb blessings and womb healing

Notice your womb today. How does she feel? What is she trying to communicate to you? Is she in pain? Do you try to block out and numb her pain with pills? She could be your greatest ally if you take the time to tune in and listen.

Take a few minutes, either lie down or sit but most importantly get yourself comfortable and place your hands on your lower belly over your womb. Breathe deeply into her. Notice any sensations or lack of them. This may be the first time you’ve paid attention to her. Listen and feel what she has to say.

From now until the end of October 2015 I will be offering a £5 reduction for a womb blessing and/or a womb healing, £25 instead of £30. Get in touch if you’d like to strengthen your connection to the Divine Feminine, awaken, heal and expand your sense of who you are and celebrate being female.


Wild Peace Blessings

Chrissie x

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