The power of sound and the journey to self

Sound healing is not only a wonderful way to unwind and relax, it can help to release what is no longer needed. This brings to mind a beautiful quote by Rumi (13th Century poet and Sufi Mystic), which, to me sums up how sound healing can help.

Rumi Quote

My experiences of giving and receiving sound healing with the Voice, Gong or Singing Bowls has shown me how my body, mind and soul connects with the vibrations of sound to gently rearrange at cellular level every part of me.

Every time your receive a sound bath it offers a different and unique experience to give you what you need. Note I use the word “need” rather than “want”. 

Our bodies have an innate intelligence and ability to find and maintain equilibrium given the right conditions and sound is one way of attaining this balance.

During Gong Bathing sessions people sometimes share their experiences and these are just a few. One lady felt the sound vibrations go straight to her knees, they had been painful and the sound went directly to where it was needed to help release the blocked energy and shift the pain.

Other people experience heightened emotions which enable a release of emotional energy, maybe in the form of tears, or one of the many emotions we feel as human beings. They may or may not know on an intellectual level what it is about and they don’t need to, for the shift has occurred and another barrier or blockage is gently released. The words from one of my clients I came in with a heavy heart, but after I was home, felt much  lighter.” RK

For some people they find that the answer comes out of nowhere to a previously unanswered question or dilemma.

I’ll finish with this testimonial that I think gives a little flavour of where I started with the quote by Rumi.

A WHAT bath? Ask my friends when I say I’m going for a gong bath that evening. They imagine water and swimsuits but the gong reality is much less wet! Being bathed in the sounds of the gong and other beautiful percussion instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls and crystal pyramids is an experience I have come to love as a rare opportunity to spend time on my inner self.

I have found each gong bath gives me something different. The very first time I felt such intense gratitude that I was brought to tears. Other times have brought other emotions, but without fail every ‘bath’ has brought a deep relaxation and peace.

Chrissie herself is a caring, thoughtful and responsive practitioner who understands the effect of her music and is constantly adjusting her playing to meet the needs of those in the room. The space she creates for her sessions feels safe so that those who wish to develop inner healing and growth feel able to do so. Others just wish for time to chill and enjoy the amazing sounds, forgetting the worries and anxieties of daily life; others become so relaxed they fall asleep. But this is all OK, the sounds and vibrations from this beautiful instrument will resonate at many levels with each person even while they sleep.

Like most people, I have a busy life which doesn’t always allow me time to stand still and just ‘be’. The gong allows this and I have found it very powerful in helping me realise the importance of looking after one’s inner self; it has given me a way to care for this inner self by taking me on a journey of discovery, and each time I feel grounded again with my equilibrium re-set.”

I hold group gong baths and also individual sessions. Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to experience the power of sound and the journey to self.

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