Tarot for 2018

We’re already a week into the new year, a new number, and a new vibration.
We can look to the Tarot for visual clues for the year ahead, these 3 cards are the main characters of the 2018 story…

There are many tarot decks, in fact there is an explosion of beautiful and interesting decks out there to choose from. However, I always seem to come back to the images within the Rider Waite Tarot and these are the ones in the picture.

The High Priestess, The Moon and Justice are the big players of the tarot in the coming year and you can be sure their energies will be felt.

Two is the number of the High Priestess and she is the ruler over the next millennia. She has been with us for the past 17 years and yet her vision is still only seeding. She rests her foot on the crescent moon and her crown is the triple aspect of the moon. Hidden knowledge, wisdom and cycles of time are her forte.

18 is the number of The Moon, another feminine card, ruler of water, the deep and unseen. We can feel her influence over our emotions and the daily tides and even more so during her new and full lunar phases. All that is not conscious is intimated in this card.

The addition of the year 2+0+1+8=11

11 is the card of Justice, yet another feminine card, she can be recognized as the statue outside The Old Bailey in London. Lady Justice is concerned with balance and truth.

So what does all this mean for the year ahead?

Each of these cards has two pillars which look like the number 11 or are they the entrance to a gateway?

What lies beyond the veils being guarded by The High Priestess and Justice?

What adventures lie ahead on the path to The Moon?

Is it a path you are willing to take?

Our dreams can often show us the way or offer clues for direction if only we can understand them. Trust your intuition and look beyond the surface to what lies beneath. You may not always like what you find but Lady Justice is overseeing this year and you can be sure that whatever comes up for you is necessary for your growth. And of course life is about growth tempered this year by truth and balance.

We will continue to uncover the shady side of human nature in the world stage and personally. Always good to remember the only person we have any control over is our self, so let’s start there, and discover our own shadows which when uncovered may well turn out to be a blessing if we can take ownership of them.

If you can accept what is and embrace the watery element, keep flowing as opposed to stagnating, then this may be a promising year of inner discovery. Relationships, co-operation and balancing our own needs with those of others are all highlighted this year.

Tarot readings are available for guidance, discovery and your personal vibration for the year ahead.

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