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I am a lifelong student of the Tarot and work face to face on an individual basis in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and also offer tarot parties for up to six people, e.g. Hen parties, a group of friends, etc.

I've been interested in Tarot cards since my early twenties. I've dabbled and taken short courses, received readings, own various different packs, have been fascinated by the images and the interpretations of the 78 cards, but until recently I didn't imagine that I'd read them for others.

And now, as a student of The Hermitage Development Centre run by Richard Abbotthe tarot has become part of my daily life and I've learnt that I have a natural affinity with reading the cards. So I welcome the opportunity to read your tarot cards and help you to gain clarity with all aspects of your life, whilst at the same time developing and furthering my own skills.

Tarot is a pictorial representation of life and its many ups and downs. No matter who you are, life is a blessing but can feel like a struggle at times. It is in our nature to grow and widen with experience, to learn and understand and to make sense of the world we live in. As we grow we aim to understand ourselves and make decisions that are compatible with our sense of who we are. This is where Tarot can guide and help, particularly when at a crossroads in your life, or maybe you're interested to see where your talents lie, or in which direction you should take. Or perhaps a general reading is required to make sense of your current situation. Whatever your reason for a reading, tarot can uncover the situation and offer solutions.

It is said that if you were imprisoned or stranded on a desert island with only a pack of tarot cards for company, then you would over time learn to navigate your way through and master all aspects of life, the answers of which are encoded in the symbols of the tarot.

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[Images show the Dion Fortune Tarot Card Set by David Williams]

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