The tree outside my window

As I awake, my eyes are drawn to the light of the morning through the long right angled triangular gap between the curtain and window frame. I focus on the view of what looks like a little tree on top of a green hill. As I watch this scene my mind tells me it’s time to get up, I’ve got things to do! But my body is fighting my mind’s instruction as it wants to stay and rest, it still feels weary and needs time to fully come to. This conflict of mind and body is happening within, as I look out and see the tree in the distance on top of the green hill through the triangular opening.

My mind wins the battle and I get up to open the curtains fully. The snapshot of the little tree on top of the green hill that I saw so clearly is not really so. In reality it’s one tree among many that stand tall in a line outside the back perimeter of my garden, with branches creating shapes and illusions, albeit beautiful ones but nothing like I thought it was or could see through the triangular opening. It’s interesting what we see through limited vision and the difference between what is real and what is not.

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