My Reiki Journey

...started early in 2002 when I felt drawn to learn how to channel Reiki for myself and to offer to family and friends. It was a powerful realisation to me that something other than the physical exists. I could feel energy - the lifeforce that is inside and around each and every one of us. I could feel many sensations in my hands including cool air blowing from the main seven chakra centres as I practised my newly found skills on my partner - and that blew my mind! I remember I gave my Grandma some Reiki over her lower leg for about fifteen minutes. She thanked me, not really being into that kind of thing, and was pleased to enjoy a pain free evening. The next day she came over asked for her other leg to be 'done'. Reiki is a beautiful thing!

From my First Degree Reiki course I met three wonderful women out of quite a large group of people. We started to meet up and share Reiki. A few months later I trained in Second Degree Reiki and at the end of the year I completed my Reiki training with the Reiki Master Teacher course. Each course was taught by the same Reiki Master; Fay, and I am eternally grateful to her. I continue to meet up and share Reiki with those original three women and we have become firm friends who have shared many a laugh and several tears, through happy times and difficult times, we've each experienced shifts that bring beautiful new insights into why and where we're at in life. Over the years we've sailed the ups and downs with our vessel of Reiki keeping us afloat.

For over 10 years I gave Reiki treatments, never having the wish to teach until a nagging feeling kept making itself known - I was ready to teach! I knew this feeling to be a soul urge rather than an actual mental, emotional or physical urge - because actually the thought of teaching scared me to death. But that was what was needed; to face my fears for me to proceed onto the path of the teacher. I found Reiki Evolution in 2013 and decided to re-take my Reiki Master Teacher in July 2014 purely to feel confident and competent to teach. It felt like my soul was setting the pace and I had no choice but to follow. I'm so glad I did.

Reiki Evolution teach Mikao Usui's original Japanese Reiki. New information came to the West in the 1990's from Usui's surviving Japanese students. My Reiki Master, Cathy, introduced me to new techniques that are uncluttered and simple. The focus being very much about your own spiritual growth and daily self practice as well as giving Reiki to others. I love this approach and this is what I teach. There are many Reiki paths and I feel very blessed to have walked and experienced both the Traditional Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki paths. In gratitude and love to both Fay and Cathy for sharing this wonderful gift.

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