Reiki First Degree 'Shoden'

This is an intensive day where you will receive your connection to Reiki with three Reiju Empowerments. Empowerments are Japanese sacred rituals or blessings used to connect you to the Reiki energy. These rituals have been passed on by Usui's surviving students.

The day will involve:

  • Learning to feel and play with energy by practising various energy exercises
  • Learning to feel auras
  • Learning and practising self treatment techniques
  • Actively channelling energy
  • Self treatment - Japanese and Western techniques
  • Treating other people - basic hand positions
  • Body scanning
  • Looking at the different ways we can use Reiki
  • Meditations
  • The Reiki precepts
  • Mindfulness
  • You will give and receive a Reiki treatment

Shoden is the foundation, the first teachings of Reiki. Daily self treatments are an important aspect of Reiki to help balance and clear your own energies, and a better channel for Reiki. This is the start of your 'Reiki Journey' where you can practise your new-found skills of channelling Reiki to yourself, family and friends. Guidance will be given for some pre-course study to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts and history of Reiki. This requires about 8-10 hours of your time before the course date so we can spend the day on the many practical skills. This is preferable to taking in lots of new information and lots of talking when this can easily be looked at before the course. There will be ample time for any questions.

Shoden dates in 2018: Saturday 27th January, Saturday 7th April,

Shoden cost: £140 (£50 deposit, £90 balance to be paid on the day). Once the deposit has been paid I will send you a comprehensive Shoden Manual, a Reiki Meditations CD and a course CD.
Time: 9:30am till 5:30pm.

Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course.

Please pay the deposit to book your place at least four weeks before the start of the course. This gives me time to send you a fabulous and comprehensive manual (written by Taggart King of Reiki Evolution) and audio CD prior to the course date. You will need to do some pre-course work; clear instructions will be sent and these are great learning resources so you can familiarize yourself with the information in your own time and practice using several methods. It is much better to learn and practice techniques and absorb information over a period of time than be bombarded with new information over one or two days. This also means that on the day of the course the focus is very much practical. Certificates will be awarded at the end of the day. Questions are welcome and ongoing support is always available after the course.

I like to keep classes small, up to a maximum of four people.

If these dates are not suitable I can also teach at other times, also on week days, and on an individual basis if preferable.

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