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Women's Wisdom & Healing Circle

Let your light shine

2017 will be my fourth year of hosting these beautiful circles. The first circle in January 2014 was the culmination of a seed sown by both myself and Georgie Catling. We ran the circles together for two years until she moved out of the area. I continue to hold the circles as they take on a life and energy of their own in a truly wonderful organic way.


Next Workshop:

  • Autumn Equinox Circle 10am-4:30pm Sunday 29th October 2017 at The Strawbale Studio, Michael's Folly, Henderson Place, Epping Green, Herts SG13 8NE.

Who are the circles for?

Women's circles are ancient in their origin with many aims including bonding, sharing energy, and creating ritual. Open to all women we create a supportive environment to actively nurture who you truly are. As women gathered together we connect to something bigger than ourselves, something that is deeply familiar, yet a distant memory. An intricately woven web of inner treasures await us when we connect to share our voices, our food, our company, our healing, our wisdom, and our hearts.

What the day entails

We celebrate the changing energy of the seasons and the cyclical nature of the earth with the festivals of The Wheel of The Year. As women, we too are cyclical, our energy connects and flows with the active, bright and outward focusing Sun during Spring and Summer, the inner reflective and intuitive Moon during Autumn and Winter and with Gaia our rooted, and sensuous Mother Earth throughout the year as we sow our seeds for growth and release that which is no longer necessary in our lives. There are cycles within cycles as we flow monthly with the moon and yearly with the sun. The wheel of the year is also the journey of the goddess from the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone as we meet her within and celebrate our cyclical journey.

The day is supportive and nurturing. Meditation, ritual, creativity, healing, connecting, sharing, laughter and tears, having fun, gaining insight, awareness, personal and spiritual growth in a safe and non judgemental environment is what these circles are all about. We have a craft aspect (see pics below) and the idea is not to create something perfect but to enjoy the creative process. Whatever comes up for you is an opportunity for healing within the circle. Come and join us for a beautiful day!

These photos show some past examples of the creative element: sewing a goddess, painting mandalas, making willow dream catchers, clay labyrinths and this beautiful wall hanging - a colourful collaboration of painted and stitched squares. Lucky me, as I have the honour of hanging it up at home when we're not in circle.

All 2017 Circles will be held at the beautiful setting of The Strawbale Studio, Michael's Folly, Henderson Place, Epping Green, Herts SG13 8NE

  • Samhain Circle - Sunday 29th October 10am-4:30pm Samhain is the festival of remembrance, the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, a time to honour our ancestors. A time to retreat within and connect to our inner life force as the growing energy of the moon guides us and offers greater understanding of our intuition, inner wisdom and creativity. This festival marks the transition between Autumn and Winter. It is also the transition from the dynamic inward energy of the Enchantress to the deep wisdom of the Crone in our yearly cycle of female archetypal energy. For the craft aspect of the day we will each create some incense to take home.          £60 - price includes all art & craft materials.

And so the wheel of the year turns again...

Booking is essential as each circle is limited to ten spaces.

I look forward to creating the 2017 circles with you!

With Love & wild peace blessings,
Chrissie X

What you will need to bring

  • Optional notebook and pen/pencil (in case your have any insights)
  • Lunch - we will eat together as part of the circle so please bring something vegetarian to share. Hot drinks and snacks will be provided.
  • An open heart

Comments from the Circle

I'm just dropping you a line to thank you both for yesterday. It was a lovely woman-centred day with a great balance of activities and beingness. You had clearly both put a lot of thought and effort into making it so special which we appreciated. Starting something new is always a risk and starting something so inimitable and extraordinary is even more of a risk and I admire you both for your courage in following your instincts and being brave enough to follow your hearts, backed by first class organisational skills. Thank you so very much. We are looking forward to the next gathering on the 8th March.


Thank you Chrissie for another amazing day


Thanks for a fab day. The venue was special and was the perfect space for the day. Really enjoyed all that we did and making new friends. Magical, thank you!


Thanks again for bringing together a very special healing day!


Taken to a magical, meditative state. Chrissie's energy always makes it a very special day.


A truly wonderful day. Thank you

Lynn H

I am so happy you are providing such a nurturing and beautiful space for us all to come together in trust and honour.


Thank you so much for Saturday. Much good has come since circle... The little goddess has been busy! Blessed be to you and Georgie and everyone.


Just wanted to thank you and Georgie for a wonderful Saturday! It was so amazing and I was totally out of it by the time I got home but such a lovely day. Michael's Folly is such a lovely peaceful space to do the circle and walk the labyrinth. The weather made it all the more special too.


I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for the women's circle on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it and am still humming "Merry part"! My mandala has pride of place on my altar, surrounded by my crystals and I am still in awe of what my inner self created. I thought that you and Georgie both absolutely glowed throughout the day and it's clear that you are following your natural path. I can't wait to see how the circle grows and evolves but more importantly to be a part of its rhythm.


Thank you Chrissie for another beautiful day.


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