Beautiful Designed Eye Pillows

Eye Pillos

So you're using your iPhone all the time
& maybe your iPad for bits here @ there
And perhaps you're still using your iPod to play your music

But and this is a big buttt

Are you using the one which will do YOU the most good and offer YOU the most benefits in the long run???

The Eye Pillow


These eye pillows have personally been designed and created by me. I was inspired to create them during my gong baths when I intuited they would be a great asset to help people to relax and to assist them to access deeper states of relaxation.

As well as aiding relaxation, they can be used when meditating, to promote peaceful sleep, and they provide weight to rest and soothe the eyes and calm the mind, and are also great to soothe headaches.

Eye Pillow Contents and metaphysical properties

Rice – for your abundance & protection

Lavender flowers & Lavender Essential Oil – for your love, protection, sleep, purification, peace and healing

Clear quartz and rose quartz crystals to …

  • Bring clarity to your thoughts
  • Filter out distractions
  • Produce healing negative IONs
  • Protect the aura
  • Harmonise all the chakras
  • Offer deep inner healing and self love
  • Enhance self trust and self worth

All of the crystals have been cleansed and charged with the energy of the moon, so that means your eye pillow is too. The eye pillows have also been charged with Reiki healing energy to promote balance and harmony. And what's more every time I Reiki a batch of eye pillows, I also give distant Reiki to all of the eye pillows previously made, so your eye pillow stays charged.

I have three different types of eye pillow for you to choose from

- The Triple Moon Aspect

- The Goddess

- The Dragon

All of the designs come in a variety of colours and unless you express a colour preference when ordering I will intuit which is the right colour for you subject to availability.

For the front of the eye pillows I use fabric paint on calico fabric and embellish with embroidery thread, sequins or buttons. The backs are made with cotton fabric in a complementary colour.

Approximate size 9 cm x 21 cm.

When buying an eye pillow you you have the choice of with / or without an organza bag - if you'd like a bag to keep your eye pillow safe and snug in, it costs £1 extra.

Eye pillows in organza bags

Dragon eye pillows for sizeThe eye pillows cost £25 each or £26 with the bag and I ship within the UK for £4 and world-wide at cost.

If you buy more than 2 eye pillows please contact me for postage costs.



All of these eye pillows are designed and made with love by Chrissie Martin

Enjoy & Wild Peace Blessings

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