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20 reviews for Eye Pillows

  1. Doug

    I love my blue dragon eye pillow

    • Christine

      Thanks for your comment Doug and so pleased you love it!

  2. Vicki

    I initially bought a stunning red dragon eye pillow for my son, (11) which he loved.
    After trying it for myself I have since bought one for myself and some others as gifts. The pillows are presented beautifully and I even placed one on my head to soothe a head ache. Highly recommend.

    • Chrissie

      Thanks for the review Vicki. So glad your son loves his eye pillow and great to hear your head ache eased.

  3. Jackie Hpa

    Beautiful eye pillow. I have bought as presents this year and they were loved by the recipients. The weight is just right and the smell delightful. So happy to have been recommended to wild peace by my yoga instructor. I am sure I will buy more!

  4. Marion

    I place the eye pillow over my eyes when they are feeling sore and tired and I feel refreshed after about 10-15 minutes. Be good to yourself and buy one!

  5. Lisa Evangelou

    I bought a Goddess eye pillow for my 12 year old daughter, she absolutely loves it and uses it every day at bedtime! I have borrowed it a few times and now realise I need one too!!! The pillow is exquisite, incredibly relaxing and helps to create a lovely energy when used. Chrissie is fantastic and was extremely helpful when I placed my order.

  6. Liz

    I purchased one of Chrissie’s eye pillows as a treat for myself as I liked the unique designs, the weight and the fact I could choose from a variety of fragrances (I chose camomile). I use mine on my eyes or forehead. It’s great to help with self care, particularly if I have a migraine. If I could discount bulk buy I’d sell them to my students. In the meantime I’ve pointed some people directly to Chrissie if they’re looking for something special.

  7. Paula Tait

    I bought my eye pillow to help filter out the light during Chrissie’s gong baths. It does that very well, but I soon discovered it does a lot more than that!

    My eyes and forehead always feel rejuvenated after I’ve used my pillow and the lavender scent relaxes my senses. I bought one for my mum and she uses it to help her sleep. You can tell that they are made and reikied with love. Everyone should have one 🙂

  8. Mandy Jones

    I have bought 4 of these so far for friends who have adored their size, smell and the idea of them. Many use it for relaxation or meditation and love it. So I have recently bought one for myself and wish I had earlier. The smell is beautiful but not over powering, the stitching is lovely with such great colours it’s often hard to choose. I use mine for aches and pain relief more than as a sleeping aid etc. It helps hugely.

  9. Sue Ellis

    I was given one as a gift and have since bought a couple more for friends and family. I use mine when I want to relax by placing it over my eyes it reminds me relax and let go , perhaps because of the weight and the energy.
    I also gave one to my dad who had Alzheimers, he held it whenever we went out in the car and it seemed to calm him down. He picked it up automatically every time he got in the car. Thanks Chrissie

  10. karen mander

    Chrissie ‘s eye pillows r lovely and created with love which sets them apart from others xx

  11. Martin Benns

    I bought my eye pillow for use in the gong baths. It helps to relax and aids in the listening. It is impressively well made with all the neat stitching.

  12. Jess Pittam (Booth)

    I received the eye pillow as a birthday gift and loved it so much I have since bought as presents for friends and everyone has absolutely loved them – I would definitely buy more in the future. I do yoga and it really helps with relaxing and calming during the relaxation/meditation part of it – the smell is lovely and the pillow is really lightweight.

  13. Helen Jayne Green

    Having used your eye pillows for meditation in my yoga sessions, I purchased one for myself and one for my daughter, we both love them. The weight and fragrance are instantly relaxing and they are so pretty, with all the gorgeous stitching

  14. Jo Deuskar (verified owner)

    I bought 5 pillows and kept one and gave the others as gifts, everyone loves them and finds them very helpful to sleep with either next to them or on their eyes. I use mine for Yoga and for helping me sleep when restless. They smell lovely and are not too heavy, easy to transport around. I rate them 5 stars

  15. Jackie Singer

    I bought a green dragon for my 11 year old daughter and she loves it. It’s beautifully stitched, and I love the lavender. I’m not sure if I can sense the Reiki, but it seems to add something to her room, just having it on her bedside table.

  16. Jan Elliott

    We use them at our yoga class over our eyes during meditation and I loved it so much I bought a blue goddess eye pillow as a Christmas present to myself ! The weight is perfect for me and smells delightful too.

  17. Steph Dennis

    Pure Bliss! They are made so beautifully with care and delicacy. I suffer with migraines so I find it helps with the pain and the smell of the lavender is very soothing.

  18. Tarnia Chapman

    As a yoga teacher and I offer my students the opportunity to use the Goddess Eye Pillows at the end of our practice for meditation, all my students always opt for an eye pillow and their feedback is very positive, some students are very sensitive & really feel the Reiki energy or perhaps its the crystal energy or maybe both but either way their comments are that they find them soothing & calming, not just for the eyes but the mind too.

    The weight of the pillow is just enough to settle the movement of the eyes which in turn seems to promote a more relaxed state of being both mentally & physically. Inhaling the scent of the essential oils further induces relaxation. Using these little pillows on the tummy as a gentle weight is also a nice exercise when concentrating on the deep yogic breathing allowing you to be more aware of expanding & deepening the breath as you feel the weight of the pillow rise & fall with the breath.
    In my classes I hand out a tissue at the same time for people to use with the pillow to avoid sweat or makeup being absorbed into the pillow, I wonder Chrissie how possible it would be to make the outer cover removal for washing.
    Excellent product 5 ***** thank you Chrissie

  19. Julie Walkington

    I was given my eye pillow as a gift and use it primarily for relaxation, meditation and of course gong baths. It really helps me to let go and relax deeply… you can see and feel the loving care and intention with which it is made.
    My partner then bought one for his 78 year old mother who was recovering from a cataract operation and she said the weight was perfect over her eyes; she loves the beautiful stitching and the smell of the lavender.

  20. Jean Dorton 30th January 2018

    I Bought my first eye pillow at one of Chrissie’s wonderful Gong Baths , I Have found it invaluable for daily use , as have had a stressful time , it is wonderful for my relaxation at the end of my Yoga session , several of us use them . The eye pillows are beautifully made and reikied with love , they are soothing and calming . I also bought one for my son who has a chronic blood disorder he said it gives him a wonderful feeling of peace , I am buying one for my Daughter to help with her busy life style , EVERY ONE SHOULD HAVE ONE , The wonderful smell of Lavender is very soothing , Thank you CHRISSIE.

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